Budget Management Functions Financial Evaluation

Financial planning and budgeting are claimed to be vital in public organizations, but how can you tell if all that planning actually is paying off? The answer is simple: by conducting financial evaluations. Evaluating financial activities primarily consists of performing independent audits and reviews, which look for errors or abuses in financial reports and compliance with laws and regulations. Auditing is, in fact, a requirement in most government organizations for a variety of reasons that you will consider this week.

Annotated Outline

Create a 2-5 page annotated outline that include the sections to be analyzed, ethical decision making aspects of the topic, main points of the recommendation, and credible evidence you plan to use for supporting the analysis and recommendations.

The effects of higher education on police officers

The purpose of this paper is for students to research a topic related to policing in America. Students are to select a topic of their choice and explore that topic in depth. You may choose a topic that has been discussed in class (e.g., factors that influence police decision-making, the effectiveness of a police policy, relationship between officer education and police behavior, etc.), however, if you do so, you must somehow extend upon what has been covered and utilize additional sources than the course material. You may also choose a topic that has not been discussed in class as long as it directly relates to policing. Paper Format: • Approximately 5-7 pages (not including cover and reference pages) • Double-spaced • 1 inch margins • 12 point sized font • Times New Roman font • Cover page with name and title • APA Format (in-text citations and reference page) • At least 5 peer-reviewed sources should be cited • The majority of the material should be paraphrased. The use of direct quotes should be limited.