Contextual Analysis

As mentioned in the syllabus, each of the three Contextual Analysis Discussions gets progressively more complex as your skills increase. For this second Contextual Analysis Discussion, you should make at least one original contextual analysis post and two comments to other posts for each module. Posts should be in full, grammatically correct sentences that create at least one solid response of at least 1200 words--make sure you include a word count. The word count does NOT include any headers or references section. All posts must be relevant to the assigned materials (although you may build upon previous knowledge from earlier weeks and include personal observations). Start by answering the prompt, and then build upon the prompt to consider your own perspectives and experiences. You MUST attach photos and web links to support your position. An important part of your grade for this assignment is to communicate with your classmates. Because this is intended to be your opportunity to discuss topics with your classmates, the professor/TA will generally refrain from commenting or actively participating in the discussions aside from reading and grading them.


Please check the attachment to develop this task. It will be the week 5. The students had a meeting by zoom and we discused the progress of our project. The topic is COVID-19 and the population is young people. For week 5 is expected begin the surveys, just refers how collect data for the population if you want.

Please answer the following questions

  1. The Internet may not make corporations obsolete, but the corporations will have to change their business models. Do you agree? Why or why not?
  2. Should all companies use Facebook and Twitter for customer service and advertising? Why or why not? What kinds of companies are best suited to use these platforms?

Response parameters:

3 sociology questions

1. The media are thought to be major contributors to what is called “cultural sexism.” How are women depicted in the media and how might these depictions influence the perceptions that women have of themselves?

Analyze Nike

 minimum of 1200 words, addressing the questions and prompts below. Your essay should demonstrate clear understanding of the key terms and concepts from the READ. The research requirement is at least two scholarly journal articles, and the course textbook. Use “in-text” citations formatted in APA style, and provide a list of references, also formatted in APA style.