Discussion Managing Dynamic Environment

Many factors, internal and external to organizations, impact the need for change. Since 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic was first recognized on a large scale, many organizations have undergone major changes, thereby impacting employees, departments, organizations, and society as a whole. Select an organization in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, of your choice, and explain how COVID-19 has impacted that organization. Then, explain how COVID-19, which is an external factor, has not only impacted your organization but has also impacted Saudi Vision 2030.

EDUC 6125 Discussion 1 Evaluating Technology Tools for Research

Many software tools have been developed that are intended to streamline the research process, or enable you to quickly compile your sources into a stylized reference list. For this Discussion, you will explore one of these technology tools and evaluate its application and usefulness to conducting research or completing a literature review.

To prepare for this Discussion, select and explore at least one of the software or Web 2.0 tools listed in the Optional Resources. If there is a free trial version available, download it and spend a little time using the tool. Pay particular attention to its features and its ease of use.