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Taking your instructor-approved contemporary government or non-profit leader (John Haydon) and the created Reference list (submitted in Week 5), briefly summarize the salient points from each selected reference following the content and formatting guidelines presented in this week’s Learning Resource links. I will send the list tonight

Conclude each Annotated Reference entry with one or two sentences on how this research source will support your scholarly position for your summative paper.

Be sure to incorporate any feedback you received from your Instructor on your reference list from Week 5 grading. Review this week’s Learning Resources containing tips and formatting guidelines, plus examples.

Basics of Annotated Bibliographies

An annotated bibliography is a combination of the words annotation and bibliography. An annotation is a set of notes, comments, or critiques. A bibliography is list of references that helps a reader identify sources of information. An annotated bibliography is a list of references that not only identifies the sources of information but also includes information such as a summary, a critique or analysis, and an application of those sources' information.

Review our resources on the following pages for more information about each component of an annotated bibliography. As always, read the instructions and any examples in your assignment carefully; some of what follows might not be required in your particular course.

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