Critical thinking Managerial Accounting

NOTE: please  do the critical thinking without plagiarism.

Q1. Distinguish between Net Present Value and Internal Rate of Return.  Give one pro and one con for each method?                                                                                                                 

Historic Site Visit Project

This assignment requires students to visit a historical site (historical home museum, Civil War battlefield, Park, monuments etc.) and produce a PowerPoint presentation that highlights the historical site. For example, The Frederick Douglass House highlights the Washington , DC home of historical figure Frederick Douglass. You can also garner ideas about local sites (Prince George's County, MD) by going to

Corporate Strategy and Diversification

Pick a Middle East (preferably KSA) company whose strategy includes or included diversification. Explore its motives, competitive advantage, and strategic planning based on the topics from Chapter 12 of your textbook. Answer the following questions as per your own understanding.

EDUC 6125 Discussion Evaluating a Resource

As you learned from this week’s resources, there are many academic, library, and Internet databases you can use to search for resources related to your research topic. The resources also suggest a process for searching and criteria for screening the resources you find. In this Discussion, you will share ideas about how to develop your own process and criteria that takes into consideration your final goal: finding the most relevant resources that will help you to complete you literature review and address your research questions.