19th century photography paper assignment

Select a photographer, group of photographers, or issue that is of interest to you, in 19th century. and write a research paper (double-spaced, 12 point font) (5-6 pages). Please do research outside the course and make use of this research in writing the paper. I expect to see evidence of at least two texts (websites not included). Some of these sources can come from our course readings, but at least one must be from outside research (check out JSTOR, which is available through the university library databases link). Please discuss at least two works of art in the paper. This paper is not meant to be a biography. Rather, I am looking for you to single out a topic that is of importance to a photographer, or to a group of photographers; or a more general issue. For example, you might consider Le Gray’s landscape views with respect to landscape painting in France; or, you might look at Brady’s photographs of the Civil War; or, you might look at Julia Margaret Cameron and the questions of gender. You might just consider images of war, or, perhaps the role of landscape photography in America. But these are only some ideas and you can discuss what appeals you. You could also compare 19th century photography with more recent work. Topics such as the rediscovery of historical techniques in contemporary practice would be of interest, as would be an examination of ideas or themes we have discussed in class as they relate to more recent work (travel photography, portraiture, racism, gender, war photography, etc.) These are only examples of the kinds of topics you might pick, but feel free to choose one of them if you feel so inclined. Otherwise, come up with one of your own. The topic for your paper can be something we have covered in class, as long as you do not simply reiterate what we have said in discussion -- it is crucial that you make your own contribution. In grading this assignment, therefore, I will be looking for three main things. First, I will expect very good grammar, spelling, and editing. I will expect proper footnoting and a proper bibliography. Second, I will be expecting a thoughtful and creative treatment of your topic. Third and finally, I am expecting you to discuss at least two works of art and to make use of outside sources in your paper. Don't forget to include illustrations of all the works you discuss, but add them after your bibliography.