Modern Art Project

I need a 4 pages written, each page is based off a different art time period/movement. You need to find a picture for each category and write a serrate page on each one. The 4 categories are Rococo, Neoclassism, Romanticism,and Realism. You need a picture from each one a write a page on each. It is due at 6PM Thursday.Thanks :)

write discussion questions and 1 2 pg summary

Please read the attached reading The Unruly Spectator: Exhibition Analysis on Foot by the authors: Franziska Bork Petersen and Mini Scott and respond to the reading with questions you develop in this context. What questions come into your mind when you think about your experience to walk into exhibitions? How do you want to experiment in future to look at an exhibition? How do you want to question your spectatorship in future when entering a gallery or museum space?