W5 science

annotated bibliography on a set of topics. For this assignment you use that information as a literature review. You will then develop a paper based on the information you collected as well as what you learned from your course and text readings. Here is the list of topic areas that was used.

fun marine bio essay

For this essay, you will write 1000 carefully researched and well supported words on something that lives in the ocean. The subject species is your choice but there should be enough published information about it to characterize it four ways: Biologically, Ecologically, Culturally/Economically and Looking Forward.

Discussion board

There are two parts of this course that give your instructor an opportunity to know you personally: general communication through messages, and discussion board. Discussion board is a formal way for your instructor to learn about your writing skills and your ability to synthesize, analyze and evaluate information (AKA 'critical thinking'). More importantly, it is your opportunity to learn how to improve these skills.