a 750 word Essay on Computing and the Military Before the Internet

The essay are argumentative essays. They should have a strong argument(also called a thesis)which is supported by detailed historical evidence. For more details on Grading,Important Dates,and Formatting,see the course syllabus,grading rubrics(Brightspace)and the Self-Assessment Sheet. A short explanation of an argumentative essay is here: owl.purdue.edu/owl/general_writing/academic_writing/essay_writing/argumentative_essays.html Sources. As the sources for their essays,students should use the course readings,lectures,and films. (Take notes during lectures and films!) In addition,optional extra essays and historical documents are posted on the course Brightspace page.

Information Governance

After reading Chapter 2 in Information Governance: Concepts, Strategies, and Best Practices (Author: Robert F. Smallwood, Publisher:Wiley , ISBN: 978-1-118-42101-7) please provide a brief response to the following assessment question. Q2: Information Governance, IT Governance, Data Governance: What’s the Difference? Briefly explain.

Research project

Students for your final project please select a networking topic related to the Hybrid OSI – TCP/IP architecture from the textbook (Page 45 Figure 2-6) and (Page 48 Figure 2-7) and conduct a 4 – 6 research paper on the layer or topic of your choice. This is an individual assignment and your topics are due the end of week 3 on September 1, 2019. I will have to approve the topic before you can submit your project summary or outline and begin researching the topic. Also, your outline or project summary will be due week 4 on September 8th, 2019. Please email me your topic and also if you have questions about choosing a topic for a particular layer then please do not hesitate to contact me. Your research paper will be 4 – 6 typed pages excluding any illustrations or tables you include in the paper. Your paper must be in APA or MLA format and minimum of 2 in text citations and 1 reference with a reference page attached. I am looking forward to assisting anyone that may need help selecting a topic and reading your final paper and let’s have a wonderful time researching networking !! Example topic: Transition from IPv4 to IPv6 – Layer 3 –Internet Later of Hybrid TCP/IP OSI model.