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he articles in this unit by Obama, DeBrabander and Stern all pose arguments surrounding climate change and the importance of bringing awareness to it. We have learned the rhetorical appeals, and you are now tracking them down in these articles. To deepen your understanding of rhetoric, it is also helpful to actually apply and deploy the appeals yourselves as well.

Does education empower the student or does it stifle personal growth


You have a good start on your reasons and evidence outline, but I need you to dig a little bit deeper because you will use it to write your paper next week. You need the following: 1. Write a CLEAR and DIRECT Thesis statement: • Topic (education) + Message about topic (either it’s stifling or empowering) + plan of development (1-2 reasons why education is stifling or empowering.) = CLEAR and DIRECT Thesis statement. 2. From your plan of development in your thesis, develop each reason and provide: • State the chosen reason clearly in topic sentence form. The briefly explain. • Provide evidence for your reason in form of examples from the readings with the following: o Provide the source (author and title) o Generally, explain the example/evidence from the readings that supports your reason (include page number where this information can be found) o Quote from the reading (include page number) I provided a revised Pre-writing worksheet for you to use to revise your worksheet from last week. Don’t throw all your ideas away from the last worksheet, they’re good. Just dig deeper! I know it might seem like a lot of leg work this week, but next week we will be writing this essay rather quickly, so you need to be ready. Please let me know if you have any questions.