reflection to get out

"Get Out" falls into at least two genres: science fiction and horror. Science fiction shows the speculative situations that human beings utilize science and technology. When science and technology are no longer under human's control, they would become the horror. The uncontrollable robot, the unpredictable technology from and in the outer space, the aliens that have higher intelligence than human beings, the missing and manipulated memories and dreams are all the horrors of this type. However, in "Get Out," the horror comes from the intention to control instead of the out-of-control situations. Science and technology can be useful to the ones utilizing them (ex: resisting aging and gaining a stronger and healthier physical body) and at the same time threatening and lethal to others (ex: losing consciousness and being stolen the brain).

Week 9 Discussion

Watch one of the modern adaptation of Frankenstein listed below and discuss how it addresses the concerns brought up in Mary Shelly’s original version of Frankenstein of the scientist as god, the fears of progress gone too far, and a world without women. Are these issues still addressed in the film you chose if so how and why, if not why not?Have new issues taken their place, if so what are they and why? Is the original Frankenstein still relevant in today’s world?