one page respond to documentary

Respond to documentary: What did you think? Was this a valuable piece of learning? What impressed you about Mary's story? Do you find any parallel between Mary's struggles and your own - particularly given our current situation? The length of the submission is up to you, but I'm leaning toward a single page, double-spaced document of approximately 250 words. 

information and idea

Focus/OutcomesThe purpose of the project is fivefold; students should be able to: (1) apply communication / media / historical principles; (2) practice written communication skills; (3) apply collaborative learning strategies to the mid-term project; (4) apply the four learning outcomes to the project itself and (5) work online with a community partner.

Questions and Answers

You are responsible for generating three questions from the material for each week – using at least two of our different media options (so one from reading, one from podcast, etc.) and then responding to at least two questions others have asked, and answering one response to either yours or another’s thread. That is to say there should be a dialogue. Please limit your responses to no more than three paragraphs and please reference the course material in your responses.