Reading Journal

An article will be provided to you. You have to write a reading journal of maximum 300 words and minimum 250 words summarizing the reading's key points including, but not limited to the author’s subject, purpose, question(s), thesis, and sources. Your entries will also include brief assessments of the reading’s strengths and weaknesses, supported by examples. Paraphrase the author’s words, and use direct quotations sparingly. Cite specific pages of the readings using Chicago style footnotes. Also include full and short form footnote citations for the reading.

see pasted info discussion

For this assignment, suggest several ideas for future research that will build upon the lessons learned in your study. Explain why future research in your research area will be worthwhile and what you expect future researchers may find. Keep in mind the limitations that you have identified in the Week 9 Discussion as they may be beneficial for a future researcher to perform a study that overcomes these limitations from your study.