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or this assignment, you will build upon your findings made in the Week 6 Project and compose the data collection section of your final project.

CJS 245 Juvenile Crime Prevention Report

Assignment Content

  1. Scenario: You are a school resource officer who has been tasked with creating a report to share with your community that will build awareness about local juvenile crime and prevention programs.
    Write a report that consists of 2 parts:
    Part 1: Data Visualization
    Research statistics on populations of juvenile delinquents using the OJJDP’s Easy Access to Juvenile Populations (EZAPOP) data tool. Choose 1 of the following options to investigate:
    • How 1 year’s totals compare to another year’s totals in your state
    • How your county’s totals compare to your state’s totals
    • How your state’s totals compare to another state’s totals
    • How 1 of the sexes, races, or ethnicities compares to another demographic in your area
    • How 1 age demographic compares to another in your state

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In this assignment, you will describe and summarize the data sources that you have located and examined for your project. By collaborating with other classmates and reading their initial posts, you may discover a source of data that you have not considered but can be relevant for your project.