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In this assignment, you will incorporate the feedback that you have received till now and submit revised, final versions of your introduction and background sections of your report. Your submission should be a clean, updated version that will be included in your compiled final project.

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The tasks related to securing the homeland and its critical infrastructure are shared among many organizations. Several universities participate in research projects in conjunction with the DHS. Additionally, other departments in the government have jurisdiction over certain elements of the critical infrastructure.

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The battle against terrorism and organized crime has led some to advocate stricter police actions. One visible change that followed 9/11 was the enhanced airport security procedures, such as removing shoes for inspection. Determining the extent to which police and government should go in order to gather intelligence or conduct an investigation is a matter of ongoing debate.

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The USA PATRIOT Act was a comprehensive response to the 9/11 attack. It has been modified several times since its adoption. Considering the current state of the Act's provisions, discuss the following points in an 8–10-slide PowerPoint presentation: