Does the media report similar events similarly


key qualitative terms

designations of worthy and unworthy victims

use of passive and active voice

what narrative forms are used

Tell the reader whether the data either strongly supports, weakly supports, or allows no conclusion for the propaganda model.
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Reflection paper

Describe Descartes theory of the existence of God. What is their theory of the existence of God and how do we come to know God? Conclude your essay with a discussion of whether you find their argument to be compelling, why or why not?

Explain what Dualism

For this assignment you will answr the following question. You will respond with 200 words.

Explain what "dualism" means in Descartes' philosophy of human nature, and then discuss the primary objection to "dualism" as a philosophy of human nature. State and support your own philosophical position on dualism in light of arguments of Descartes and his critics.

school response needed school explain what dualism means

Write one page response about Problems of evil and God and origin of the universe Philo

Write one page response about "Problems of evil" and "God and origin of the universe". I have attached the text for both readings. I have also attached the instructions on what questions should be answered in the response. You don't have to cite or provider works cited page.

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Please disregard the first 2 pages that state each reflection should have the following and tips for writing a strong reflection.. Only use the instruction page. Question 3 is for god and the origin of the universe. Question 4 is for problem of evil. Any question just let me know.

Separation of Church and State

With Reformists like Calvin and Luther, the role was further defined. Write a 1-2 page paper in which you analyze the role of religion and its influence on the state in one of the following modern (within the past 20 years) countries: Iran, Iraq, USA.