Content Analysis

n 1978, Gerbner, Gross, Jackson-Beeck, Jeffries-Fox, and Signorielli defined violence as " The overt expression of physical force (with or without weapon) against self or other, compelling action against one’s will on pain of being hurt or killed, or actually hurting or killing. Must be plausible and credible; no idle threats, verbal abuse, or comic gestures with no credible violent consequences. May be intentional or accidental; violent accidents, catastrophes, acts of nature are included.”

Courts and Society Research Paper

Paper Instructions: Choose a topic of your interest related to the material for this class (Use your Text Book or the internet for ideas). Write a minimum of 15 pages. Use APA Manual 7th Edition to write this paper. Use a minimum of 10 references (sources) to write the contenet of your paper. Make sure your citations are used correctly and that they reflect the amoubnt of references used. This paper is due on Friday of Week 7 (No excuses will be accepted). If you turn in your paper earlier than week 7 I will grnst you 5 pextra points)