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Early childhood teachers need to stay connected to what is occurring in the community outside the classroom politically and economically because these factors will influence their classroom. Items of recent debate include social and emotional development, as well as technology in the early childhood classrooms.

compare and contrast two early childhood education models

You have researched educational philosophies as well as theorists whose perspectives have affected the early childhood classroom. These views on teaching, learning, and the student have become the focal point for specific educational models developed to support these views. Developing an understanding of the philosophies, theories, and models will guide you as you begin your practice as an early childhood educator.

brochure for future teachers

Educational philosophies are important to understand because they guide a teacher’s educational beliefs, practices, and decisions. As you develop your own philosophy of education, you will want to consider educational philosophies and theories that influence current educational practice.

PSYC Critical Question

1. When looking at the conclusion - see if it answers the question that was originally posed. Does it seem to be based on the data that was shared? Did the author(s) acknowledge the potential flaws in their work? Did they identify future steps for research?   2. Did the authors mention any specific ethical considerations? What steps did they take to address the APA Code of Ethics and its concern with the well-being of people participating in the study. Shaw, J., & Porter, S. (2015). Constructing Rich False Memories of Committing Crime. Psychological Science, 26(3), 291–301. http://doi.org/10.1177/0956797614562862