Disability Comprision Template

As part of the IEP team, general education teachers and special education teachers must possess an understanding of the eligibility categories used to determine whether a student is eligible to receive special education services. General education teachers and special education teachers must collaborate and communicate in a professional and articulate manner with school psychologists, related service providers, administrators, colleagues, and families when determining eligibility for special education services and providing a rationale to support the need for delivery of services.

Through a childs eyes

To gain a greater understanding of the challenges faced by students with disabilities, particularly those with dyslexia, complete the five simulation activities from “Through Your Child’s Eyes” as part of the topic assignment. Follow the steps below to complete each of the five simulations:

answer the questions needed cited and referenced from peer reviewed articles

you are going to create your own “how-to” guide on either calculating the stability envelope of a set of data, or how to find the split middle line of progress to identify the trend of a data path. For this task, you can use the hypothetical set of data that you created for your Unit 4 discussion (using a maximum of 5-7 data points). You may choose any of the following formats to clearly present each of the necessary steps of your “how-to” guide: