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Please answer each and every ‘part’ below in paragraph format. You may use your book and/or your lecture notes to answer each ‘section’ of your paper (but it is not necessary). If you use any exact language from your textbook, please utilize quotations in your paper and note the page number at the end of your sentence. A reference page/bibliography is not necessary. Further directions to complete this paper are listed below. Please do not hesitate to contact me ( if you have any questions or concerns regarding the completion of this assignment.

EDUC 6155 Discussion Differing Perspectives on Institutional Issues

For this week's Discussion, consider the stories told by the faculty and staff in the audio program. Each of these individuals represents a different perspective on issues at their institution. Imagine yourself as a program, department, or division leader at an institution like this. Your concerns are meeting the needs of all students, faculty, and staff in your area, implementing new initiatives or approaches that are likely to improve your area's effectiveness, and working within budgetary and bureaucratic constraints—priorities that often conflict. You face challenges like those raised by leaders at different institutional levels, as described in your reading in Turnaround Leadership. Use the following questions to guide your Discussion: