3 sociology questions

1. The media are thought to be major contributors to what is called “cultural sexism.” How are women depicted in the media and how might these depictions influence the perceptions that women have of themselves?

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This is a terrific first draft! I am impressed with how quickly you pulled this together! You seem to have most of the items covered; however, most need further expansion. You should only be completing sections 1-3...as section 4 and 5 are reserved for after you have conducted the study. Also, the checklist is attached with my comments. I had to remove the text you placed there...because that is suppose to be used for comments. I focused on reading section 1..since that needed some significant work. I would recommend that you read through completed PAS that are found on Walden's web link I provided in the feedback...this will help you see the level of detail that is needed, especially in reference to how you complete section 3 that focuses on your method.