Discussion Social Economic and Environmental Justice

s a social worker, you will often work with clients that are perceived as "others." This "otherness" often leads to marginalization and barriers or limitations promoted by society and social institutions. Marginalization is arguably the most dangerous form of oppression (Adams et al., 2013) because it eventually leads to social expulsion and material deprivation. Social work is a unique profession because it empowers those who are affected by the socially constructed barriers and biases that have perpetuated long-standing inequalities. As you begin your work with clients both as an intern and social worker, it is imperative to consider not only the individual (micro) concerns the client brings to the session but the environmental or macro factors that may have either created or perpetuated the concern. You can empower your clients by helping them identify and define the oppression they experienced throughout their lifetime. Social work's commitment to social justice includes a hyperawareness of the social constructions that are used to limit some groups' autonomy and viability while supporting others.

Leadership Competencies

The world of today is an interconnected environment. There are many organizations that operate across borders. Many organizations have had global missions for years and even decades. Others have only just begun to operate outside of their home countries. Still other organizations are the new creations of our interconnected social systems. These organizations operate in a highly networked world in which their leaders face complex challenges that include many disparate elements. These challenges also often include cross-cultural elements that can challenge leaders who are experienced only with their local environment and culture. You can learn from the experiences of these organizations as you try to develop skills as transformational leaders in 21st-century organizations. Even with these organizations as models, the challenges of leadership in today's world are many.