Description: On social media, you should do an “observation” of a consumption setting/review with someone relevant to your target audience that relates to Toblerone/chocolate.

Read class writer and Write Essay

1. Readings:
Read and study the poetry selections in the Class Reader--poems by Chinese American poets Diana Chang, Wing Tek Lum, Eric Chock, Laureen Mar, Alan Lau, and Russell Leong

2. Write a thematic essay with the following thematic focus:
The selected poems in the reader by Chinese American poets (Chang, Mar, Lau, Leong, Lum, etc.) in the 1970s are concerned with identity, heritage cultural linkage, and/or relationship between the American born and the immigrant generations.
Choose from the above-mentioned themes, and select at least three (3) poets’ work (NOT JUST 3 POEMS) to critique (analyze) how they express/explicate their views on this particular concern/theme in their poems.

Part 2 Background Paper

The Background Paper puts you in the position of the leader of an organization. To determine how to move forward, you need to know the mission, goals, and current operations of your organization. You need to know how the pieces of the organization fit together. You also need to know the position of the organization in the global network. The Background Paper serves as the foundation for the Project as you gather key information that will guide you in your evaluation of transformational leadership in the organization.