Assignment Annotated Bibliography

Taking your instructor-approved contemporary government or non-profit leader (John Haydon) and the created Reference list (submitted in Week 5), briefly summarize the salient points from each selected reference following the content and formatting guidelines presented in this week’s Learning Resource links. I will send the list tonight

Discussion Memes

Memes are all around us. We adopt, embrace, and perhaps reject them consciously and unconsciously. This week, you are asked to explore memes that have influenced your social experiences in your home, community, and place of employment. How might your memes influence your leadership style?

Religious Studies Extra Credit

There are basically three kinds of extra-credit opportunities I am giving points for this semester. They include the guest lecture events, such as the Gandhi-Day Celebration of Non-Violence all-campus panel; the religious ritual field trip such as attending a church service or religious ceremony, and there are occasionally other events I will announce. You may use this forum to document and describe your participation in any and all such events. You may attach a photo or document if you like.