Discussion Identifying a Research Problem

Identify and reflect on a problem or issue, in your workplace or a context with which you are familiar that you would like to study more deeply. The problem or issue can be related to something you have observed in your practice, something you have read about in the news or in a professional journal, or anything you feel is of importance to your field as a whole. The issue should be manageable enough that, with a deeper look into the research literature, you will be able to identify the stakeholders that would be interested in the issue and propose a research-based solution to address the issue, as you would to these stakeholders. Review pages 7–11 in Conducting Research Literature Reviews for examples of the types of issues that can be addressed by reviewing the research literature.

Discussion Past Experiences with Research

As you discovered through this week’s Learning Resources, research literature can be useful for personal, academic, and professional endeavors. However, you must be cognizant of your own experiences, beliefs, or biases that may influence your interpretation of the research literature as you consume research in your professional practice. This awareness will help you uncover bias or misinterpretation of findings that you may encounter as you read research reports.

EDUC 6261 Review a Financial Plan

For this assignment you will be paired with another student. Look on this week's Announcement to see with whom you have been paired. Exchange the Course Projects that you submitted last week. Assume the role of an external stakeholder such as someone from the U.S. Department of Education, a community leader, or someone from an accrediting organization, and review your colleague's financial plan based on the Review a Financial Plan template provided. Download and complete the template provided in this week's course resources.