Clinical Correlation paper


Complex Patient Clinical Correlation Paper

We are in the midst of the current coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. This is a virus that is affecting all walks of life and all areas of healthcare, both in the hospital and the community setting. It is important for you, as healthcare providers, to have some basic knowledge of this disease process, how it is affecting patients, and what treatments we currently have. These patients can be very complicated, especially when they have multiple comorbidities. For this paper, you will give an overview of COVID-19 and select one of the following comorbidities and talk about how that comorbidity affects that patient in general and why it increases mortality in patient with COVID-19.

Topic chosen: Asthma/COPD

The paper should be a 10 pages(not including title and reference pages), it must be submitted in Microsoft Word or Pages (no PDFs of your paper), and should include the following components:

1. A general overview of the COVID-19 and how it can potentially affect a patient alone and in combination with the comorbidity you choose. This pathophysiology information should come from textbooks or current medical resources.

2. Pertinent subjective and objective assessment findings in these disease processes (both COVID-19 and the comorbidity you chose).

3. Overview of pertinent laboratory values and diagnostic tests and their relevance from a NURSING standpoint that need to be trended in these patients.

4. Overview of medications used to treat the COVID-19 from a NURSING standpoint. This should include a brief description of the medications (drug class, doses, how they work, most common and life-threatening side effects) and how they interact with the disease processes and each other. Please do not retype Davis's Drug Guide. I want your perspective as a nurse. I can read the drug guide myself. No Direct quotes!

5. Description of nursing treatments, nursing goals of therapies, and outcomes in your patient. Include assessment information to evaluate that your goal has been met, again, with a nursing focus. This should include psychosocial information and should make mention of an issue concerning a patient's culture, ethnicity, or religious background and how it can affect care.

This paper should be written as a formal paper in APA format with appropriate title and reference pages. You have to define abbreviations before you use them. Write this paper like you are writing it for someone who has no medical knowledge. Use full sentences, no charting jargon.

Please see APA resources on Canvas. It is suggested that you contact the writing center while planning your paper for structure and formatting issues. The most common errors in APA formatting occur having to do with correctly listing the references and correctly citing resources within your paper. If you don't cite the resources you use, it is plagiarism.

You HAVE to cite everything you get from an outside resource. NO DIRECT QUOTES ARE ALLOWED IN YOUR PAPER. Paraphrase. I want this paper in words you understand. Explain to the reader, in your own words, what is happening with your patient.

Please have at least 3-5 valid references including at least 1 peer-reviewed nursing journal article that are no more than 5 years old. All references must be from a peer-reviewed resource or a textbook. If you can't figure out what specific journal the article comes from, it is probably not a peer-reviewed nursing journal article.

WebMD and are not acceptable resources. If you use Medscape, make sure you cite it properly. The pathophysiology and background information about respiratory illnesses and patient comorbidities can be found in your Med Surg book or ATI books as a resource. If you don't know how to search through the library page for peer-reviewed journal articles, please contact the library and they will be happy to help you. COVID 19 has not made it into the textbooks yet, so you will need to find all of this information in new journal articles, through the CDC, or department of health websites.

Medication information should come from Davis's Drug Guide. Pathophysiology and other treatment-related information should be from your Med Surg or ATI books.

Please use the attached rubric as an outline for writing your paper. It is a breakdown of how you will be graded.

***You must also upload a copy of this assignment to your ePortfolio. Your ePortfolio must be completed by the due date for this paper. Both will be checked at the same time. If your ePortfolio is not completed by the due date for this paper, your paper will not be graded. This is an absolute requirement to pass the term. 

Hello! for the drug guide, you can google David drug guide pdf and the med you're looking for and it would come up 


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