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Individual Term Project | ARTS 1301 – Art Appreciation | Spring Semester 2021 | LSC – University Park Controversy in the Visual Arts Article(s) Goal Search current events in the news (any medium) and find an article on a controversial topic relating to the visual arts. The arts can be any type in the visual realm like painting, photography, graphics, prints, sculpture, architectural work (religious, commercial, home structures), landscaping (like a park), film, video, product design, like an automobile, etc. You only have to pick one article for the assignment but there may be a long history of articles on the same topic, over many years. Feel free to explore these, but just pick one article in the story line for your analysis. Analysis Review the controversy. • What is it about? • What are the sides to the controversy? • Who are the people/parties involved? • What is at stake: money, fame, politics, religion, etc.? • Did another controversy trigger the one you are analyzing? Pick the pivot point where a significant decision is made in the controversy’s story line. This could be the optimal focus for your analysis and presentation. For example if the controversy is about a work of sculpture in the public, and certain parties are opposed to it being on display, and other parties like the work, who wins? Does the sculpture stay on display or is it taken down? This is a very common controversy in the news today. What is the deliverable? Write an abstract of the controversy and include appropriate images to illustrate it. Submit to the Individual Term Project drop box in D2L. Please use a Microsoft Word or PDF file version. Questions? Ask in our class discussion forum in D2L. You may have the same question as other students so don’t be shy to ask and share! Rubric • Include a photograph of the art work or what the controversy is about • Complete the analysis/review section above • Use the MLA template or clearly write in essay format. • Length is about two pages of text, not including images. • A critical review of the controversy and your opinion (pro or con) are the key attributes. Enjoy and learn!


Requirements:   |   .doc file | MLA | Essay | 2 pages, Double spaced

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