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notice: please see my Third critical thinking and do the seam feedback dr he give me some mistakes and do the same way in second critical thinking.

NOTE: please  do the critical thinking without plagiarism.

Six Sigma 
Six Sigma is a continuous improvement strategy that aids an organization in identifying, reducing, and eliminating defects from any product, process, or transaction. When using Six Sigma, a solution is not generally known at the beginning but becomes clear through use of the Six Sigma strategy.
Address the following requirements:
  • Identify a problem for improvement in an organization with which you are familiar, and detail an objective or desired outcome.
  • In the remaining pages, detail the metrics that would measure success and why those are appropriate, and explain the process for        determining root causes, and what tools would be used to follow through on the steps of the Six Sigma strategy.
  • Embed course material concepts, principles, and theories, which require supporting citations along with at least two scholarly peer reviewed references supporting your answer.
    • Support your submission with course material concepts, principles, and theories from the textbook and at least three scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles.


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