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You should answer these two questions including a post replay.

Why is it realistic to view Fungi as one of the most dangerous organisms on the planet? Please give at least two examples as your evidence.

Why do people tend to relate to animals better than other organisms?

Each post should be substantive and not just quick reiteration of the text. I am looking for your thoughts not book quotations. These grades are important so do take them seriously. They can either make or break your grade. Every posting should be a least 2-3 Paragraphs and include a posted reply to someone else’s post for full credit

Please do not copy or paraphrase their answers.

Question 1 post reply to a student answer:

There are over 100,000 known different species of fungi all over the earth. All fungi aren't dangerous, but the few hundred that are are very dangerous. That group of dangerous fungi could be considered one of the most dangerous organisms on the planet because they cause infection in other living organisms that can kill. Plants and animals alike can be affected negatively by dangerous fungi. For example, parasitic fungi and attack humans and cause infections like athletes foot and ringworm, and can attack plants tissues and kill them.

Another reason fungi are so dangerous is because they are so resilient. Fungi has been known to survive in pretty much any environment, including space, so there is no environmental way to kill fungus. They can survive, and the fact that they can reproduce both sexually and asexually adds to the resilience. This means that the existence of other fungi nearby is not necessary, and once there is more, sexual reproduction can resume and result in even more fungi.


Question 2 post replay to a student answer:

People tend to relate to animals more than other organisms like fungi or amoeba because we have more of a personal connection with animals and can find similarities between humans and animals. We share behavioral characteristics with animals, many people believe animals also have emotional feelings and can actually think as well. When you own a pet such as a dog, cat, or even a bird you find that they show you affection and attention. You feel a deep internal connection with your pet and they feel like they are apart of your family. Being able to observe and interact with animals in a more natural habitat makes them more relatable to humans rather than having to study them in a sterile laboratory under a microscope.

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. I am looking for your thoughts not book quotations.

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