disscussion about cyber security



For this chapter, review the text and powerpoint materials and give your peers an honest answer, if you suffered a cybercrime
what crime would it likely be and how much harm would you have to suffer to make it worth reporting to a law enforcement agency?


For this chapter's discussion, comment about your observations of your loss of privacy and the benefits you derive from the willing surrender of that privacy. When you go to Amazon, do you have to log in? If not, Amazon has stored a cookie identifying you and your browser may also have stored your password. It's great to have easy access and it may be worth the loss of privacy, but had you considered that Amazon tracks and sells that data (as does every other website, especially Facebook) and identifies you based on information provided and your browser fingerprint?

Post one comment about the privacy you have surrendered to obtain the benefits of shopping, easy access to social media, news services, or similar sites and your perception of whether you felt any choice in sharing that data, losing that privacy, and making your life that much easier.

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