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Essay 2: Interrpreting Lao-Tzu's Work

We have been reading through Lao-Tzu's Thoughts from the Tao Te-Ching and we have been trying together to figure out what it all means. And we have been trying to find modern value in the advice given to an Aristocratic Leader even though we live in an era of elected political representatives.

Keep looking to find quotes you like. See which one's make the most sense. Read a few of them out loud to see if any of them click with you, kind of like the way that one quote relating to a Futurama episode clicked with me.

You Tasks:

Find two meaningful statements with different intentions from Lao-Tzu's Thoughts from the Tao Te-Ching:

• Explain the meaning of each statement.

• Draw multiple modern contextual connections to each statement.

• Discuss the connection between both of Lao-Tzu's statements.

Conclude with an assessment of these two statements

MLA Format

2 Outside Sources

3 Pages


please i want a perfect essay with strong grammar. This is my second and last essay for this class I’m currently taking English 124.

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