Historic Site Visit Project


This assignment requires students to visit a historical site (historical home museum, Civil War battlefield, Park, monuments etc.) and produce a PowerPoint presentation that highlights the historical site. For example, The Frederick Douglass House highlights the Washington , DC home of historical figure Frederick Douglass. You can also garner ideas about local sites (Prince George's County, MD) by going to http://www.pgparks.com/1883/Sites-Museums.

You should produce a short PowerPoint presentation (minimum of 10 slides) that emphasize what you learned from visiting the historical site. Consider these questions, what/who was highlighted? What did you learn from the historical site? What did they do well in developing the historical site? What could they have done better? Would you recommend this historical site to learn about this person or event?

Requirements: Minimum of 10 slides (PowerPoint presentation)

Added Instruction (2021-07-22)

FYI please: The introductory slide(s) provides important background information pertaining to the selected historical site. It provides the viewer with an understanding of the importance of this historical site. The author presents a well-developed statement regarding the relevance of the historical site and places it in the proper historical context.

The slides should clearly highlights at least seven important facts about the site (under your supporting details and analysis).

Revision (2021-07-25)

You forgot to give citation for the project site visit . Is possible you cite it please?

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