Impact of COVID 19 on tour operator industry In Vancouver


All data must be plagiarized free, The word limit of the report is 2,500 words +-10% (excluding exhibits and references). It

should be of the highest possible quality in its research, writing, analysis, citations and approach.

a) Title Page

b) Executive Summary

c) Table of Contents

d) Introduction

e) Literature Review (includes your research and analysis with appropriate subheadings)

f) An Environmental Scan (Micro and Macro analysis – PESTEL)

g) Complete SWOT analysis

h) Recommendations

i) Conclusion

j) ALL References must be included (APA style)

k) Exhibits/Appendix (I.e. Images, charts, graphs, tables etc.)

plz make sure all the document file must be plagiarized free, & all references must be APA style. if you need any help let me know,,, ???

Thanks :)

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