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Focus/OutcomesThe purpose of the project is fivefold; students should be able to: (1) apply communication / media / historical principles; (2) practice written communication skills; (3) apply collaborative learning strategies to the mid-term project; (4) apply the four learning outcomes to the project itself and (5) work online with a community partner.

Humanities LensFrame of Reference, Power, Privilege, Self-Concept, and Values 

Community Building Model Student teams will create a non-profit addressing at least one of the following social issues:

Food insecurity in Impoverished Communities

Midterm Questions

Question #3How is the research effort assisting in shifting values as the effort relates to addressing historical / social inequalities expressed in items; a, b, c, and d (select one).

Course OutcomesLearn Actively Learning is a personal, interactive process that results in greater expertise and a more comprehensive understanding of the world. Apply the lens of Cultural Studies to analyze the relationship between meaning-making and power and privilegeIdentify movements and cultures of resistance which produce political and social change aimed at reducing inequalitiesThink Critically, Creatively and Reflectively Reason and imagination are fundamental to problem solving and critical examination of ideas. Analyze and critique the production, reception, and circulation of cultural texts Analyze and critique the production, reception, and circulation of cultural textsCommunicate with Clarity and Originality The ability to exchange ideas and information is essential to personal growth, productive work, and societal vitality. Clearly articulate and situate opinions and support ideas with evidence


Interact in Diverse and Complex Environments Successful negotiation through our increasingly complex, interdependent, and global society requires knowledge and awareness of self and others, as well as enhanced interaction skills. Apply new knowledge to personal experiences and surrounding communities

Format / GradingWritten responses must be word-processed. Written work must adhere to APA guidelines and standards. A criteria sheet will accompany the assignment sheet. The student work will be graded by the following criteria: Grammar and spelling Clarity and completeness (all issues must be addressed) Research must adhere to proper APA citation standards Use of evidence and scholarly sources to support your claims Submission of an individual post comprised of 1,200 -1,500 words Submission of 4-6 images or pictures

Required Textbooks

Takaki, R. (1993). A Different Mirror:A History of Multicultural America

Postman, N. (1985). Amusing Ourselves to Death

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