Issues Facing Veterans in Higher Education


Learning Goal: I'm working on a social science project and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Overall...good work here...your Section 4 and 5 is well written and just need to provide more detail! The detail I think is critical to understanding the veteran student's needs as is currently missing from your discussion. Example quotes from the interviews will help. You really need to see some other published PAS and see other published dissertations (see chapter 4) to see how they have written up the description of the themes and responded to the research questions...and used examples from the interview questions. Your recommendations don't really align with the themes identified...and themes identified are not really discussed.

Also, You need to also go back into Section 1-3, now that you have done the study and revise parts of that to make that clear. Attached is PAS will some additional comments.

Also, does the organization wish to be "masked?" if so, you need to take out their name through....PLEASE check! This is going to be a published document!

Also, make sure bibliography matches what is in the text of the PAS.

Keep working at it, but Section 4 really needs to be flushed out so that I understand what you found in your interviews.

Requirements: 300

Added Instruction (2021-11-21)

Thank you again for your help.Please use the prompt i provided and the comments by the instructor on the attached document.

Revision (2021-11-26)

Please take a look at the instructor message below.

I took a quick peek at Section 4. I do not believe you have addressed all my concerns. You have not provided a more demographic table with the have not provided any direct quotes from the interviews. In fact, one really can't tell you talked to you anyone at all. You need to select passages from interviews to "prove" how this become a theme....if 25 people were interviewed...HOW many of them disclosed PTSD? etc

Revision (2021-11-27)

Please see the below transcript. You can also add anything you feel will help. You can get quotes from this or use any quote you seem fit.If you can also create quotes of your own that will be fine too. Thank you again

Adam Walter: Okay. Any kind of . . . Did you get any vibes from faculty that knew you were a veteran that made you feel funny, not funny, that it was normal business, that you were just another student?

SD2: I think if anything, it gave a better level of understanding, 'cause they knew where I was at with my background, and more respect. Adam Walter: Really. What makes you think that? What made you feel that way?

SD2: Just the small interactions with teachers. A lot of my papers would be on my military history.

Adam Walter: Oh, okay. Okay.

SD2: So, I would get great feedback and there's nothing but respect from most professors.

Adam Walter: Anything during class, feedback over your papers you mentioned, anything during class where you knew they were being sensitive?

SD2: Sensitive, how do you mean? Are they trying not to go there, because they're worried. 176

Adam Walter: Could be.

SD2: Or more so kinda giving me a little slack?

Adam Walter: No, not really looking for the slack side, you know. We're gonna go . . . Turn it in next week, if that's what you saw them do because you were facing challenges, that's fine too. I'm leaving this completely open. My objective is just to get information, just to see correlation. But if you're like, "Well, they knew I was a vet, and they knew I was facing some hard times. They did grant me a couple extensions to get a paper in, or they didn't really talk about it." I knew this guy who was real adamant about the war, and I knew he never talked about it 'cause he knew I was in the classroom, so we stayed off of that topic. If that was how you experienced . . . If not, then I'm okay with it. You just tell me what you can remember, recollect.

SD2: No, at no time was any professor or staff member ever pushing any boundaries as far as being too pushy in the sensitivity aspect, not at all.

Adam Walter: Okay.

SD2: And no, to answer your question, nobody's ever played favoritism.

Added Instruction (2021-11-27)

You dont necessary have to use the one I just gave you. You can structure your own own quotes using whats on the research paper. It will be fine

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