M5 comm CP Final Proposal


This paper will need the following

  • Table of contents
  • Outline (because that one that you did was in an essay and was wrong)
  • Executive summary (you did it on M4)
  • 4 full-page essay that includes purpose statement, problem, original and creative solutions and conclusion sections
  • Reference page with at least four sources, two of which must be scholarly ( you already did the annotated bibliography and some other sources)
  • Visuals ( at least two)

Revision (2020-12-13)

Can you please revised the 4th bullet point? Needs four full page and has three an half can you please make sure hast 4 full pages?

Also is missing the 6th bullet point - 2 visuals

Employer's Review

profjoe did'nt leave any further details ...


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