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this assignment should be easy for anyone who has basics knowledge of crime scene investigation. please be aware before answering this question as this paper will determine weather i pass this course or not so please do not answer the question unless you are 100% you can get a good grade on it and certain you know all the popper answers for it.

here are the guidelines please read through it carefully:

These assignments will be 5-6 pages, double-spaced, no larger than size 12 font and should reflect appropriate grammar and spelling, for a maximum of 20 points. It is due by December 9, 2019. If you are using outside sources, please make sure you site them.

#1) What items of physical evidence would you collect, why you would collect them, and what information might you obtain?

#2) Who would you interview, why and what would you expect them to tell you?


The victim, a thirteen-year-old runaway, was walking on a street in West Haven. She testified that a black car with tinted windows stopped near her. The occupants asked her if she wanted to chill with them. There were three men in the car. The front seat passenger was tall, dark skinned, with a hat and jewelry. The back-seat occupant was short and was wearing a house arrest bracelet on his ankle. The driver had a gold tooth, jeans, a t-shirt, and a “high top” haircut. She did not know any of the men. She identified the defendant as the driver of the black car. The victim testified that she got in the car. They drove to a package store, where the occupants purchased liquor. All of the occupants of the car, including the victim, smoked marijuana and drank as they drove. After a brief stop at an apartment building, they went to the Atlantic Motel in West Haven. The driver rented a room, and the three men and the victim went into it.

The victim testified that once inside the room, the driver of the car pushed her onto the bed and removed her clothing. The passengers held her arms. The driver had vaginal sexual intercourse with the victim. During this time the victim said nothing and was “not really” struggling. She was not looking at the driver and didn’t know if he was wearing a condom. After the driver finished, the passengers each took their turn assaulting the victim. The three men then went to the bathroom, one at a time, and then had anal sexual intercourse with the victim, one after the other. The victim testified that she was dropped off at a nearby park. The tall passenger got out with her, put a gun to her head, and said he would kill her if she told anyone.

The victim testified she then went to a Laundromat, where the police were called, and she was taken to the hospital where a nurse administered a sexual assault kit. The victim initially told the police that one man in the park had sexually assaulted her. She also told the staff at the hospital, including the doctors treating her that one man in the park had sexually assaulted her. She did not tell anyone that three men in a motel room had sexually assaulted her until the next day. The victim gave a statement at the New Haven Police Station during which she stated that the second three acts of sexual intercourse were penile-anal intercourse, and that none of the three men wore condoms.

The victim identified the motel at which the incident occurred; the police checked with the motel’s owner and found a room rental slip with the name Roger Wayne on it. The police also recovered women’s underwear that had been collected by the motel maids the day of the incident. An earring was found under the bed during the crime scene search and several stains on the floor and mattress, which appeared to be semen, were swabbed. Four liquor bottles and a bra were recovered in a paper bag in the dumpster behind the motel.

Several days later the victim was shown a photographic array, which included Wayne’s picture, but she did not identify anyone in it. A week after the initial photo array was shown; the victim was shown the same array a second time. At that point, she identified Wayne as the driver of the car. She later identified the passengers in separate arrays.

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