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You have been assigned to complete a reflection paper. It is expected that you will take the time to reflect on each section and question to assist in writing a well-developed response that shows you have thought about the issue and considered all possible aspects. This sanction allows you the opportunity to demonstrate the insight you have gained regarding the incident and your decision making, as well as demonstrate proactive measures to minimize the likelihood of future occurrence.You must answer the designated number of questions from each section in order to complete this sanction. This paper should be typed essay, 11-point font, with standard margins, double spaced, and checked for errors (spelling and grammar). Please refer to the enclosed attachment for further instruction.


points to hight light

I'm not responsible for the incident, documentation was submited

I',m an honors student withja 3.9 GPA

I've plans to become a doctor

this incident have thought me that I should fight for female rights from a accurate perspective

I stand against women and minority (latinos) gropu discrimination

Their decision is unfair, because I was the victim in this incident.

Added Instruction (2020-04-20)

It's for a class, where supposedly they accused me of something I didn't do. so I should write a reflection paper establishing my point , saying basically what've learned from the experience. I choose to say that they were unfair in their decision, because I'm not responsible, but I've learn that I should actively fight against female discrimanation so, an icident like this doesn't occur again



dos it helps the idea?

Revision (2020-04-21)

First High School is not required here, is a college level 

second I was not supported because they discriminate me, given to the fact that even I presented prove that I was not responsible, they still treated me like responsible.

and The incident envolved a male part, who happens to be the resposible, and nothing happen to him

I'm fighting my rights,and the right of all the females in campus



the fact that I'm an honors student and I want to become a doctor are supporting points, to show them they made a mistake

Employer's Review

profjoe did'nt leave any further details ...


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