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Reply to my first classmate: MOHAMMED ALHUBAIL

My organization went through a change process of merger. There has been a merger of two telecommunication companies; namely Mobile Telecommunication Company (Zain KSA) and Etihad Etisalat Company (Mobily). These two companies merged to form one telecommunication company (Eungoo, 2020).

There has been an appointment of the external change consultant, who had been hired during the organizational change of the merger. This has been beneficial as it had offered diverse flexibility related to operational streams. Less bias is related when hiring an external consultant, and he or she will give reliable feedback about tasks in hand. External change consultants are expert in operational fields and change management programs regarding mergers and acquisitions (Aljazeera Capital,2021).

Regarding the merger of the telecom giants discussed as above, the external consultants are considered to be beneficial because they give detailed, sanctioned and exhaustive knowledge of the merger process. There is provision of fresh knowledge as it will help to decrease the bias related to the merger process. They possess industrial expertise. It will help to decrease the conflicts with different organizational members and improve team dynamics. Internal change consultant likewise can be beneficial too as it provides a chances to execute strategies wisely (Eungoo, 2020).

However, by appointment of an external change consultant, there is a scenario of lacking particular expertise of the companies. The work norms and procedures of employees can be affected and it can lead to faulty decision making. Internal consultant can be useful in providing expertise of relevant knowledge about the change management processes. Some effective and timely information is provided by them too (Georgio, 2010).

In conclusion, there are pros and cons of hiring either an internal or an external change consultant. Regarding the merger of two telecom giants, appointing an external change consultant will be beneficial as inflow of fresh knowledge and expertise will be given associated with change management (Aljazeera Capital, 2021).






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Reply to my second classmate: MUSTAFA AL SALEEM 

     Employee participation in change projects is still required in certain firms even when an internal consultant is readily available and has the necessary skills. Internal consultants, on the other hand, have both advantages and disadvantages (Germain, 2019).


    Because Dell is a technology-based corporation, it is normal for it to have difficulties in adapting to a new environment. Additionally, Dell also has to deal with difficulties in the market while advertising their products. Dell has a common stance on how technology should be designed, manufactured, and sold. Dell Strategic planning specialists were brought in to handle these challenges. In order to ensure the success of the company's events, this department serves as an advisor (Germain, 2019).

     This device is based on Dell EMC's SDS software. A team of top-tier management consultants creates real and transparent ideas for Dell services via strategic planning. A single department handles everything from due diligence to integration assistance to acquisition evaluations. Due to the IT-based firm's greater ability to thrive in the company's environment and the benefits of internal consulting in developing a vertically integrated grasp of operations, products, strategy, culture, politics, and policies the company prefers to utilize external consulting (Stephens & Waters, 2016).

    The internal consultancy was a superior choice since it would aid in the prioritization and development of an end-to-end IT transformation solution. Dell professionals and neutral analysts present a quick overview of IT transformation seminars and assessments (Germain, 2019). IT service management and service distribution are improved by Dell technology's internal consultancy.

     A small group of strategic planners were hired by the firm instead of a single employee. Moreover, these strategic planning's describe the advantages and establish expectations for delivery; in addition, they comprehend the end user's wants and values that are vital to the understanding. In addition, the company's consultation reports on IT Service Request and Support, IT Service Catalog and Service-Level Management, and IT Service Costing and Chargeback. (Deszca et al., 2020).


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