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Covid-19 the winners and losers

The covid-19 pandemic has been a direct hit on the world economy. Many organizations had failed, many economies had collapsed, and many sectors still suffering the consequences. Nonetheless, not all were losers. Some companies did prove their agility by increasing their revenue to a higher level than the pre-covid-19 level. In the management of change, the term “agile organization”, could be described as the organization's ability to successfully manage change and be aware of the nature of change occurring around it (Harraf et al., 2015).

On one hand, Zara is a good example of an agile organization which been able to sustain performance during a covid-19 pandemic and surpass its pre-pandemic performance. Zara's sustainable performance was due to its agility in adopting the world external forces reshaping every single segment of the business. Zara recognized that their customers were willing to behave and how they prefer to shop their clothes during the pandemic (Shabir & AlBishri, 2021).  Zara had shifted its sales channel from traditional physical shop retailing to online e-commerce. This was possible because across Europe e-commerce was allowed to operate even during the pandemic peak. Sales have grown by 75% in the nine months before October compared to 2019 same period sales (Harbott, 2021). The company recognized that it won’t be needing its physical store, this had resulted in closed as many as 1200 stores worldwide while shifting employees from their former from the physical shops to the new online setting. Major shops located in prime locations had been expanded in size and for the time of covid been acting as distribution centers. Those strategies had caused the company to recover 94% of its pre-pandemic sales by October 2020.

Pizza Hut, on the other hand, is an example of a company that failed to cap with the rapid change of Covid-19. In early July pizza hut had filed chapter 11 bankruptcy and closed more than 300 locations (Lucas, 2020). This was the result of the pizza hut business model. Pizza hut relies on the traditional dine-in style. As covid-19 hit the world's economies and countries started imposing lockdowns measures, the company failed to shift it, business model, from its old business model to a completely new one. This had added more pressure on the company forcing it at the end to file chapter 11 (Doherty, 2020).

Those two examples represent an example of how rapid the change could save the company. Zara has been able to switch smoothly its business operation into a new model saving the company and scoring even higher revenue than ever before. While for Pizza Hut, the company failed to switch into the new model in a timely matter leading it debt to build-up ending with it filing bankruptcy. A successful change leader must learn to move rapidly the resources from a place into another within a timely matter. The path for change should be prepared by the change leader so when a rapid fast response is required the change leader could make the change without disturbing the comping operation in a timely matter. In times of crisis times matter, and Covid-19 was a crisis reshaping the world in so many ways.



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Reply to my second classmate: HATTAN 

Change agents are often asked to join a project's team because of their technical skills, past performance, and interest in change. Success in change management requires both technical and more general knowledge on the part of a company. Clearly, sometimes a particular change skill is more important than another; however, managing an initiative that requires both skills and abilities is more successful when the agents respect each other’s skills and abilities (Cawsey et al., 2020). Overcoming Covid-19
As an example, is a successful organization that overcomes the Covid-19 pandemic.  Many countries implemented a stay-at-home directive to combat the spread of Covid-19, which resulted in significant losses for organizations. had to implement a change initiative because it couldn't keep up with the competition. Resource redeployment was the primary change initiative (Ahmad et al, 2019). To get things started, offered a gratitude bonus to all of its employees. As a result, the company focused its efforts on expanding its workforce. 4,500 positions were created because many people had shifted to online shopping because of restrictions on movement ("", 2021). In addition, the company set up sick pay for all of its employees who were diagnosed with Covid-19 as a way to ensure the well-being of its workers. Comprehensive health benefits were also provided, starting with the first day of employment (Mohamed, 2016). also came up with a guide to working from home that allowed employees to work from home to protect their health and well-being. The company also shifted its resources to improve the financial well-being of its employees by purchasing a large number of masks, hand washing stations, gloves, hand sanitizers, and thermal cameras. Additionally, some of its employees were assigned to health and safety-related tasks and audits as a result of this change in policy ("", 2021).
Pizza-Hut Not Handling Covid-19 Properly
Pizza-Hut is an extremely good example of a business that was unable to adapt to the pandemic's effects in a timely manner. Because of a long-term closure of indoor dining, the organization sought bankruptcy protection due to its financial situation, and closed up to 300 Pizza Hut locations around the world within a short period of time (Dung, 2020). As a suggestion for how the organization could have handled the transition better, I would say Pizza-Hut should have chosen to provide their services via door-to-door delivery using easy to track applications or website. This approach would have allowed Pizza-Hut to profitably deliver ordered pizza to their customers' preferred locations, and give their customers the means to track their orders seamlessly (Gilbert, 2020).
The Strengths and Drawbacks
It is essential for a company or organization to be adaptable to change at all times if it is to thrive in a challenging situation like a pandemic. I discovered that staying creative was the key to achieving this goal. Change-related attempts can help me develop my qualifications because I'll be able to quickly adapt to changing situations and environments as well as come up with new ideas when necessary (Cawsey et al., 2020).
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