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Reply to my first classmate: AHMED


          Business processes are the steps that organizations put in place to arrange and coordinate their work in a regular and manageable manner, as inputs represented in the procedures that eventually turn into the outputs that the organization aims for (Stevenson, 2018). Business processes mean the series of steps set by the senior management to achieve its goals in the results of business processes by adjusting the series of steps that specialists will take according to the specialization in each step in a thoughtful manner and consistent with the goal of this process (BPM, 2021). Among what distinguishes business processes is that they provide an organization with real opportunities to reduce costs, because it enables the organization to control all steps and deal with them effectively, reduces costs, increases the value of the outputs of this step and other advantages that the organization obtains when organizing business processes (Gaikwad, 2021).  

          In our commercial company, we find that business processes are very important in many of the steps and works that we do in order to raise the level of efficiency and obtain customer satisfaction and other positive returns to us. One of the most important things that we work to organize ineffective steps and achieve the goal is the pricing process, and the importance of this function lies in the fact that we are in a commercial company that is one of the recurring and flexible matters that represent the chances of us gaining the confidence of our customers and achieving sales goals by obtaining the largest possible market share, and competitiveness is represented in it Pricing is one of the most important pillars of the market and competition. The steps that have been developed in the business processes for pricing are as follows:

  1. Determine the products to be priced
  2. Inventory review
  3. Determined according to the category of the customer and its importance
  4. Obtaining approval from the administration if the price is less than the minimum capacity of the sales employee
  5. Submit the price in the official form of the company
  6. Follow up with the client to make sure the offer is accepted or rejected
  7. Receipt of the purchase requisition and upload it to the system


         The workflow is characterized by its high efficiency and speed of implementation, because the outlet will be one person, who is the sales executive because he is responsible for the entire process and he does not need anyone else but the administration to request a high resolution, and the customer will get a quick response, which is what he needs with the quality of service that he works on One person can handle it more easily than if it was a group working on the process. Also, at the same time, the advantage of speed and quality may be that one person does it, the customer may get the opposite because of the sales employee's control over all the steps, his performance may not be good, so the customer is a victim of poor implementation of the steps. The role of the administration comes in being the observer of the business processes and the guarantor of customers’ access to the best services of the highest quality, in order to avoid individual employee mistakes that may affect the work, and by implementing them, the workflow specified in the pricing is very effective, fast and satisfactory to the customer.




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Reply to my second classmate: Mohammed

When a company is being set up, the first thing that has to be done is define its role in the market and develop a business process. Proactively engaging with clients during the planning phase can help you get their exact requirements as well as understand their expectations. Additionally, planning your resource and talent usage accurately is also key. It’s also important to not take up ad-hoc change requests during project execution as this can result in delays and added costs. Stick to the initial plan. Business processes set an organization ahead of its competitors in an industry (De Oca et, al. 2015). Starting a new chain of products in the market makes a company not have a stable workflow as they have not yet met any customer expectations (Zur Muehlen & Becker, 1999). This is the only business process that doesn’t have a workflow as it is entirely new in the market and has not yet been tested or met its projection in the market.

For such an organization to have an effective workflow is first to identify the target market. Research the leading competitor’s products design, mix, and distribution methods, to understand how they satisfy their client’s needs. Also, the new company has to identify methods it has to incorporate to promote its products and get customer feedback effectively. A new company has to develop its logistics system, to allow them to get to their distributors and final consumers. When a company has achieved this, it can go ahead and execute its program as they have an effective workflow that guarantees them distribution in volumes and at the same time making profits.

This workflow will have incorporated its competitor activities in the picture, which will allow them to stay ahead of the competition. Also, the workflow allows the new company to identify its areas of weaknesses and where to improve as they are not doing something new in the market. The main issue with the success rate of the new product introduced in the market is acceptability by consumers as it is entirely a new brand (Gourville, 2005). The marketing team is what will make the product get accepted or known in the market. A new company's success rate depends on how effectively it carries out its duties in the various departments.


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