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Reply to my first classmate: MOHAMMED ALMAYMUNI

Ravago Middle East Company

            Ravago Middle East Company is a Saudi affiliate of the Ravago worldwide network, which operates projects in more than 55 countries worldwide. The Saudi partner is a world-class manufacturing facility at Al-Jubail. It has three plants: plastic intensification], rubber reprocessing, and polymer reprocessing, all housed under one roof. This one-of-a-kind office can boost the value of modern waste produced by upstream polymer manufacturers in Saudi Arabia and, without a doubt, the Gulf Cooperation Council. Ravago Middle East Company also provides the Kingdom with the essential basis for managing contemporary waste in the petrochemical sector, both from a security and financial standpoint. In the truest sense of the word, Ravago is a family business. The family grew from a small Belgian gathering to a global community with a base camp in Luxembourg in its 55 years. Through 230 offices in more than 55 countries worldwide, the Ravago group handles more than 4,000,000 metric tons of polymer trades every year, servicing more than 40,000 active clients. Without the help of its 6000 representatives, none of this would have been possible.

What the company does

             Aside from this new assembling and re-handling office in Saudi Arabia, Ravago's production capacity includes 37 assembling offices, including 24 reusing and exacerbating plants in Europe, North America, and Asia with a combined annual limit of over 500,000 metric tons, and 13 creation plants in Belgium, Turkey, Greece, and Russia that provide finished item solutions for the structure and development division.

Value Adding and Non - Value-Adding Activities

            Distribution of Polymers: Ravago Polymer Distribution's clients are active in industries such as automobiles, electrical equipment, wire and link, and bundling. The company relies on contractual relationships with top-tier petrochemical companies to provide a wide range of excellent plastics, rubbers, and synthetic concoctions (Shou et al., 2020). The Ravago Polymer Distribution business offers our clients a robust local dissemination ability and specialist help thanks to a global client base and dedicated neighborhood deals workplaces. The top manufacturing network with nearby stockpiles considers adaptability and speed of delivery. Ravago's product line includes wares, designing plastics, celebrity endorsements, custom blends, elastic, and synthetic things.

            Resale: resale is Ravago's global business platform, which uses market data as a tool to react to the fast-moving elements of both international and local markets. Ravago Resale provides upgraded providers and clients worldwide through the Ravago system of universal workspaces in the Americas, EMEA, and Asia. Plastics and manufactured rubbers are among Ravago's diverse product offerings. Even more specifically, Ravago Resale offers conventional and labeled prime, off-grade, and reused plastic and rubber materials. The primary focus is on volume-driven markets, such as expulsion and trim. Ravago Resale provides widespread calculated help through a network of mass, debagging, mixing, and repacking offices across the country. The Ravago Resale group's abilities and industry knowledge, together with its focus on long-term relationships, make the resale company extremely intriguing.

 Rapid Change-over Activities the Company Uses

           constructing solutions: the Ravago Building Solutions [RBS] business has grown from a local Belgian movement in the 1960s to a European dish division dedicated to designing and appropriating specific structural and development arrangements throughout European, Turkish, and CIS markets.

 Employee Empowerment Opportunities

            Ravago's entrepreneurial value is based on the fact that every representative has the opportunity to earn a profit for the company. Representatives should be able to step up to the plate and go above and beyond their assigned tasks to develop their expert status, and they should be encouraged to do so. Disappointments should be viewed as learning opportunities that, in the long run, result in best practices for the organization. One of the virtual drives for Ravago's development is the enterprising soul; pushing our limitations and stirring things up allows us to stay on top of the game (Ravago et al., 2021). Ravago stimulates the greatness of each group member to deliver the correct answers for all clients' needs through an empowered workforce and a brand built on family values. Personalized Process: Ravago tune in and focus on getting to know their clients' goals, identifying the best solutions for even the most unique problems, and providing one-on-one support along the process. Unrivaled Access: Ravago works with over 30 driving gum providers to provide clients with the most comprehensive selection of plastics in the industry. Ensure that the correct answers are found for each challenge without fail.


Ravago, M. L., Fabella, R., Jandoc, K. R., Frias, R., & Magadia, J. K. (2021). Survey data on energy and fuel use of firms in economic zones in Saudi Arabia. Data in Brief, 107637.

Shou, W., Wang, J., Wu, P., & Wang, X. (2020). Value-adding and non-value-adding activities in the turnaround maintenance process: classification, validation, and benefits. Production Planning & Control, 31(1), 60-77.


Reply to my second classmate: HUSSAIN 

GE's Sig Sigma

For a variety of reasons, firms throughout the world opt to use the Six Sigma business improvement technique. Executives seek to Six Sigma to improve their company procedures in a variety of ways, including boosting manufacturing efficiency, reducing byproduct waste, and increasing revenue. It's no surprise that Six Sigma has shown to be successful in corporate reorganization, organization, and process improvement as a technique that follows a tightly disciplined approach with goals to achieve perfection (Henderson & Evans, 2000). 

GEMTEC or General Electric Manufacturing Technology Centre, Saudi Arabia is GE’s biggest technology center in the middle east in which the company utilizes it for the repair, maintenance and fabrication of gas turbine parts. The philosophy of GE that was implemented long time ago by the brilliant Jack Welch is still being implanted in GEMTEC. Its goal is to achieve the minimum level of production flaws. The main pillars for the implementation of the lean methods are training, mentoring and specific approach.

Six Sigma's performance is nearly entirely dependent on how well it is implemented in the firm. Your organization will not gain the degree of benefits you may expect without strong discipline, training, and project management. General Electric implemented Six Sigma by requiring virtually every employee to complete a two-week, 100-hour training program.

Six Sigma Master Black Belt certified experts were employed by GE as full-time mentors who educated and managed coworkers. Employees who have been trained as Black Belts will be able to handle additional Six Sigma initiatives around the firm. In addition, lower-level certifications, like as Green Belts, aided in a variety of projects as team members and workers (Schmidt et al., 2018).

The effectiveness of six sigma adoption was largely due to General Electric's three unique techniques. The first, "Show Me the Money," focuses on cost reduction in price-sensitive sectors. This involves reducing workplace manufacturing faults while also improving quality and productivity. "Everybody Plays," the second approach, intended to adopt Six Sigma business improvement techniques throughout the whole product line. From suppliers to assembly line employees, everyone used the strategy in their work. The "Specific Techniques" evaluated initiatives are connected to the company's specific business goals in the final approach. Process mapping was one of the outcomes that demonstrated how effective the six sigma process is when properly implemented. (Smętkowska & Mrugalska, 2018). 

GE is committed to the  empowerment of women and youth in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by offering training and creating employment opportunities for both of these groups. In fact, The first all-female business process services facility in Riyadh was inaugurated by Saudi Aramco, GE, and Tata Consultancy Services. The facility, which now employs over 1,000 women, provides as a foundation for the Kingdom's BPO business to become more localized.



Schmidt, A., Sousa-Zomer, T., Andrietta, J., & Cauchick-Miguel, P. (2018). Deploying Six Sigma practices to General Electric subsidiaries in a developing economy. International Journal Of Quality & Reliability Management, 35(2), 446-462.


Henderson, K., & Evans, J. (2000). Successful implementation of Six Sigma: benchmarking General Electric Company. Benchmarking: An International Journal, 7(4), 260-282.


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