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I need someone to write a paper, this is for petition of units. I am petitioning that my job-shadowing should be counted for units.The paper needs to indicate how the experience relates to the biology curriculum and my future academic/career goals. One physician is an internal medicine doctor. The other one works in obestrics/gynecology. I think a page on each physician would suffice. General structure would be firstly, intro to how I'm job shadowing them and what I would potentially or have seen. Then go into the biology curriculum relates to each doctor. Then you can end with how for my career goals I want to be a doctor but have not decided which type of doctor and this is to essentially help me make the decision. If questions ask me.

Revision (2020-10-15)

uh this does not follow the biology curriculum

2 mins ago
the biology curriculum is classes like immunology, intro to cells, virology, etc

this is also written in past sense, but im petitioning for future sense


im petitioning units to be approved


you need specicific examples of what these doctors do


also there was no correlation to how this will help my future career goals


keep in mind these are two seperate papers essentially.

Added Instruction (2020-10-15)

please include concrete examples.

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profjoe did'nt leave any further details ...


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