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I'm working on a social science project and need an explanation to help me learn.

a. Your consent form refers to an online survey but other materials refer to an interview. Please remove the discrepancies. Interviews are spoken data collection whereas surveys are written/typed. Please note that you do not need to update Form D. Moving forward, we will be disregarding that document since your study is confirmed as minimal risk.

b. In the consent form, please spell out what AGIF stands for.

c. Please fix the typos in the following consent form statements (it should be 3 separate sentences):

Being in this study could involve some risk of the minor discomforts that can be encountered in daily life, such as providing personal information about your experience in higher education system With the protections in place, this study would pose minimal risk to your wellbeing

This study offers no direct benefits to individual volunteers.

d. For this email format of recruitment, it doesn't make sense to ask them to sign the consent form. Instead, it would make more sense to just ask them for their verbal consent right before the interview (and audiorecord their verbal consent). Please modify the last statement of the consent form to:

If you feel you understand the study and wish to volunteer, please contact the researcher.

e. #5 of Form C indicates that this study is anonymous- but that is only the case if you only learn their names. If you learn, their names, then the study is confidential, not anonymous. Please update #5 of Form C.

Requirements: 500   |   .doc file

Added Instruction (2021-06-12)

Please correct all the errors in the prompt above. I am attaching the rest of the files

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