write an essay research


THE TOPIC ( 99 Domes: Masjid of Imam Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab in Qatar )

- writing an essay research from 6-7 pages including pictures and outline page.

Paraphrase it from the books that i upload it ( DON'T USE wikipedia ) + you can use academic resources like (archnet)

- font size 11 - Times...

1- write a research question research for my topic.

2- general information of mosque that has 99 domes.

3- compare between the old mosque and after renovation it and what is extend and change or the add ( include picture)

4- discuss it after renovation for the plan, exterior, interior (including picture)

5- characteristic of the mosque.

No plagiarism

Added Instruction (2020-04-05)

okay dear<3

don't forget to put the references, also the reference for the figures

Employer's Review

profjoe did'nt leave any further details ...


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